Marketing or promotion that involves the use of postage stamps as a means to convey a message, promote a product, or support a cause. This practice is particularly popular among stamp collectors and philatelists, but it can also be used for various promotional purposes.



Customized Stamps

  •  Organizations, businesses, or individuals can create customized postage stamps featuring their logos, products, or promotional messages. These personalized stamps are typically valid for postage and can be affixed to mail just like regular postage stamps.


First Day Covers

  • First day covers are envelopes or postcards with a commemorative stamp affixed to them. They are often used to mark the first day of issue of a new stamp. Advertisers may use first day covers to showcase their products or services in association with a special stamp release.



  • Postmarks can be designed to include promotional messages or logos, which can serve as a subtle form of advertising when mail is processed by postal services.



  • Companies or organizations may sponsor the creation of specific stamp designs, and in return, their name or logo may be featured on the stamp or its packaging.



  • Non-profit organizations sometimes use stamp advertising to raise awareness and funds for their causes. They may issue special stamps, with part of the proceeds going toward their charitable efforts.
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